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H500 Series Floor Scales

Heavy Duty Industrial Application

Avery Nigeria’s H500 series floor scales are reliable, accurate and built to last. With over 200 years weighing industry expertise behind them, the platforms are designed for maximum strength and flexibility and are suitable for every application. The H500 series are easy  to install, use and maintain, so they won’t slow your business down.


Whatever the application – in the laboratory or warehouse, on the production line or factory floor – Avery Berkel equipment helps to reduce wastage, cut costs and provide detailed, accurate information on all your weighing processes.


High on strength and capacity – with its high capacity and exceptional strength, Avery Berkel’s H500 platform scale range is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications.


Ideal for all applications – the H500 is available in an extensive range of dimensions and capacities – from 600 kg up to a hefty 10,000 kg strength; from a compact 1 m square platform, to an ample 2.5 m x 2 m weighing surface.


Safe and easy to load – in addition to its stable, heavy duty construction, the H500 features a low-profile platform which is easy to load from any angle. The steel platform also has a slip-resistant surface to ensure safer, easier weighing.


Flexible siting – the H500 can be installed right where you want to weigh. Optional ramps make loading even easier.


Hoseproof stainless steel models – Stainless steel models are available for hostile and/or hygienic environments where hosing down is necessary.


Choice of instrumentation – the H500 can be used in conjunction with a variety of advanced Avery Berkel digital indicators and printers.


Accurate under all conditions – both the platform and its well proven Avery Berkel 8708 or T202 load cells are designed to provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability throughout long periods of heavy usage. The T202 load cells are also corrosion resistant and all stainless steel load cells are sealed to IP68.


Partnered with the Avery Weigh-Tronix advanced ZM series  indicators gives versatile weighing solutions in the most demanding industry applications. The ZM201 (pictured below) gives full connectivity  for integration into  other automation processes and has  three input and output trips.